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All of the following reviews have not been solicited, sponsored or paid for in any way, shape or form.




From Instagram, a lot of people have messaged me like Angie:

Another user also messaged me:

And most recently:

And, if you’re interested, the Budgeting Tool and my message on the blog & social media has helped:

The general response from personal feedback and emails has been: It’s been working out FAB! Love the colours and visuals and it all makes sense to me now.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have only had ONE disgruntled, unhappy customer since I started selling the sheet and it was because they didn’t ask questions before buying.

They wanted to use it for something other than budgeting, expense tracking and analysis.

One unhappy person is more than enough.

Please ask before you buy if you are unsure. No refunds will be given.


Jessica from Alberta (2015 Dec)

I’m about to embark on my second year of using your Budgeting Tool.

In the last year, my net worth has gone from -$30K to -$2K. 

I can’t wait to be on the positive side! I also work in the STEM field and can appreciate a good spreadsheet.

I’ve been following your blog for a long time and really enjoy reading your posts.

I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Dallas Single Mom loves my budgeting tool!


I purchased your debt tracker excel sheet last June, and when I started I was about $22,000 in debt.

A year later, I have $3500 left!!!!

I’m super excited, and wanted to thank you for your sheet and blog. I’m almost debt free!!


And another…

True to the word fabulous, your excel spreadsheet is FABULOUS! This is what I’ve always wanted, a fully automated spreadsheet.

I had created a spreadsheet which is kind of similar to this a few years back but since I am not familiar with excel and the only function I know is summation (LOL!), I transferred to moneytrackin which actually does not cater to my needs.

Believe me, I am in great search for a personal finance tool that I am almost willing to enroll as a financial adviser for AGF just to have AGF’s FNA program, then I chanced upon your website.

Not as high tech as FNA but I TRULY LOVE your spreadsheet! This is what I need. THUMBS UP TO THAT!


This one made my week:

I bought your budget sheet in May 08. I LOVE the sheet.

was just wondering have you updated it at all?

If so i was going to buy it again.

If not i will just keep using the one i have.

I know i mentioned this before on one of your Comments, but whenever you get down to Dallas, my wife and i would love to take you and your man out to dinner sometime.

Thanks again for the great blog.




Here is another happy newly minted budgeter:



I just want to let you know how fantastic your budgeting sheet is! I wanted to have a good play with it before letting you know how I went, and after using it for a few weeks it has been good to me.

I knew I spent a lot of money in certain areas, and didn’t realise I spent so much in others (toiletries?!), and lots of little money here and there. I’m not in any debt and am able to continuously save, but seeing all those little bits of money I justify to myself is okay to spend ($2 here is nothing… $5 for lunch there is okay for the convenience… ) add up is really making me think about exactly how much worth it is to me. A few dollars here and there is no big deal, but seeing those few dollars add up to double digits at the end of the month for unnecessary things makes me wonder.

I had drawn up my own scrappy excel budget, which served me well to keep track of my expenditure but didn’t tell me anything about my spending habits. Your budget has so many functions that I just love to look at and see how much I spend where and how much I’m worth… it’s just fantastic!


And another:

Thanks so much for putting this together. I noticed in your word instructions that you wanted to hear feedback from people so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to with it.

I’m an accountant and I’ve been looking for a budget like this for a while now for my own personal finances.

Being 25, I found my finances didn’t warrant spending loads of money on advanced software to keep track of everything, but basic programs were too simplified and didn’t let me know everything I wanted to see about where my assets were heading.

I’ve been running a basic Excel sheet for the past two years but I didn’t have the working knowledge of Excel to get the forecasting information I wanted from it, or the time to sit down and figure it out.

It was all floating around in my head where I wanted to end up and what I was doing to get there and I really needed to be able to better organise my data and have it be visually available to me in the form of charts and graphs.

I’ve already set up the balance of my 2010 and 2011 finances using your budget.

I used your calculators and graphs a little differently to figure out my debt and savings allocation plans and I loved that I could put it all together to see where I needed to be and what would get me to the balances I was after each month.

The charts are really motivating, and like you I really enjoyed all the colour and being able to compare my budgeted spendings to my actual spendings.

I am currently saving for a house deposit and a wedding as my main money guzzlers at the moment over the next 16 months, so the charts will remind me of my progress and why I don’t need that extra pair of shoes!

It is also quite easy to adapt the sheets to your unique circumstances, whether you are financially savvy or not.

You made everything simple for people from all walks of life, but at the same time made it adaptable enough for people with more advanced financial skills as well.

What makes it even better is that you have generously donated the proceeds from all your hard effort as well.

Thanks for a great budgeting tool!
– Katrina

Here’s a more recent email:

Seven months behind me after starting to use your spreadsheet. I never followed through with my own blog, but I was able to pay off all of our debt in March (except our mortgage). I am still totally in love with it. Nice work.




And another:

I love it. This tool really has me motivated. I know I’m not first to tell you this, but you did a great job on this spreadsheet. 


A user abroad:

after using your budgeting sheet for some time, I have to say, your tool is amazing! Budgeting is really fun and I can finally see where my money goes 🙂 I now dare to set financial goals for me and to plan for a family in some years and feel really in control of my life. Thank you!!
Lots of love,

Another couple wrote in:

Just wanted to let you know how brilliant it’s been using your spreadsheet – we (hubby lol) bought it last year for our family finances as we were going into mortgage attack mode – before yours I would keep track of my stuff (and joint stuff) on excel but hubby never used to bother…since the start of December we’ve both been using yours and hubby can’t believe how brilliant it for tracking his day to day spending (something I tried to get him to do for years!!) 🙂
Anyway thank you again !
Hope you are well

Christina made a comment on this post:

Thank you Sherry for this reminder and your blog in general. What you seek is seeking you, and finding your blog has been such a BLESSING. Love articles like this one to slap me back to reality.

Your blog is helping me stay focused on being debt-free, learning to love saving money and becoming more mindful on how, on what and why I spend my (hard-earned) money. I will be forever grateful for the level of self-awareness, self-honestly and self-control your blog has helped me develop over the last 3 months.

Since I`ve started reading your blog, I bought your budget tracker (I LOVE IT because it is incredibly easy to use, shows my progress/regression in real time and keeps me honest at all times!!!!!!!!!), paid off my CC in full and increased my savings % of income from 15% to 25%. Next up is getting rid of the LOC that’s been hanging over my head for too long now. I love the idea of setting a Debt Free Day to take place in less than 3 years as motivation/ focus to get rid of debt once and for all.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased it and reviewed or emailed me about it!

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  • February 21, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Hello! How does it work for other currencies? Is it all set in $ ?

    • February 21, 2012 at 3:04 pm

      The original was in $, but I now have it in pound, EURO, rand.. basically any currency you can think of that’s available in Excel.

      If you want it made in your currency, let me know in the notes once you buy it, and I’ll do the changes and email it to you 🙂

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