Great for Excel newbies or advanced users alike, just read the Testimonials!

I have done all the difficult formulas, the thinking ahead of what you might want to look at for statistics, and motivation to continue on your wealth journey.

This is a FOREVER sheet meaning you only need to buy it ONCE and you can reuse it over and over again, by copying a blank copy from the original, changing the year, inputting last year's stats and you're good to go.

What The WEALTH BUILDING Tool Includes

  • Household Budgeting to some sample Categories (pre-filled)
  • Daily or general Expense Tracking (as you wish!)
  • Income and Side Hustle Tracking
  • No need to fiddle with Excel formulas, the expense tracking automatically syncs up with your budget
  • No need to fiddle with Charts, they're all cute and completely created in harmonious colours
  • Year End Summary
  • Net Worth Tracker for the year, and for Previous Years
  • Debt Repayment Charts & Tracking
  • Assets Management & Analysis
  • Debt Repayment Analysis
  • When can I retire Calculator including various scenarios
  • Net Worth Benchmark tracking
  • Growth of Assets Speculator
  • COMPLETE with visual Charts & Graphs

I bought your wealth management tool and have spent the last few hours filling it in. It's brilliant! You've thought of everything. Thank you!

This tool is about building WEALTH and becoming RICH

I do not have anything like "No Spend Day" calendars or extraneous trackers/statistics that don't really tell you much or help you build more wealth, because I personally never found things like No Spend Days motivating.

What I found more motivating is seeing my assets grow, my debt decrease, my net worth go up, and my own personal income, spending and savings goals come to life in a chart.


Hi Sherry! I am absolutely loving the Budgeting Tool. It was just what I was looking for to help em track my growth to financial independence. I'll be sure to leave a review. Thanks for creating such a great excel tracker!

It made me excited because I wanted to just compete with myself on the big stuff - savings, investing, income - not the little things like whether or not I "spent" money that day. Every day I breathe, I am spending money - my condo costs money, my utilities, my internet, my cellphone -- every single day is a SPEND day for me.

Why not build the life you don't have to escape from?

I am more interested in side hustles, net worth growth, investment growth, and debt decreasing like a sinkhole.

Focusing on expenses is focusing on the one side of the equation that has a bottom - you can only cut expenses so far, but your earning potential is limitless.

If you want to get that ubiquitous latte every day -- BUY IT. Just make enough money to pay for it so you don't even have to think about it (and please use a reusable mug...).

Love this tool, I'm obsessed! I currently have 2 side hustles (selling on eBay and paid surveys). They are small money at the moment but paid 50% of Christmas presents last year. I'm looking into freelance writing, I write as part of my job and I enjoy research




Self-made millionaires set goals for themselves to hit.

They think about them when they go through their day, and they focus on their "WHY".

What are your WHYs? Set them for the year, and track against them each month, and see your accomplishments at the end of the month & year.

AT A GLANCE: Your State of Money

How are you doing at the end of the month versus the month before for all of these areas?

  • Income
  • Spending
  • Savings
  • Debt
  • Net Worth


The average millionaire has 7 income streams. I am certain you have at least 3, if you looked closely (e.g. main job, dividends, resale!)

I personally have 13 (not all are active at one time), which is why I created the maximum I could (without looking crazy) to block off all the different income streams I have, for example, a January Total Income Breakdown may look like this:

Of course you can see the summary in a traditional format as well:

I've also loved trying to see what I earned on the side, and how much it could cover my monthly expenses, so I created a way to track all your multiple income streams that are SIDE incomes, not your main job:

Thank you!! determined to use it [The Wealth Building and Budgeting Tool ] consistently, and accurately. I loveeeeee the charts too! V sexy.

Excited for when that debt circle is goneeeeee and it's just blue savings / investment all round will keep me motivated each month to see our net worth go up too!! Thank you again, you've coached such a change in me in just a week!!


As much as I am a huge fan of negotiating and increasing your income potential more than cutting in expenses, you have to also be reasonable and live within a comfortable budget.

So, I like to estimate my spending for the year, and see how I track against it each month:

When you start seeing red across the board, it makes you go "WHOA", so you can adjust accordingly or at least, understand that next month you need to cut back on certain areas, or re-adjust your yearly estimated budget to make up for your overspending (*cough* Transportation *cough*):

At a glance, you can see immediately what took up the most of your money this month, and in this case it was Transportation, Medical, then Fees (stupid fees, really..)

What I also find interesting is looking at your top 5 and bottom 5 categories of spending because it shows you what you cared about the most this month.

Show me where you spend your money, and I will tell you what you care about.

...And finally track it against your goals for the year! You can see in an instant, how Transportation is almost used up, so better increase that budget and cut from Entertainment, for example.


Review from Etsy:

Love them!


Each month, track how much you send into savings and into debt, with a super cute graphic that shows you how much you've saved, where, and which debts you're working on at a glance, along with what you have saved and paid back, along with your savings rate:

And track it against your goals for the year (remember?) Just like with spending, track it against what you planned for yourself for the year to see how you're doing.


Each month, track how much you send towards debt (I definitely count it under "Total Savings" because you DID save the money to clear your debt) and see a cute graphic to help you out in detail.

(You do have a separate, similar Savings chart as well.)

You can also track each debt you have (I have 10 trackers in total), and see how you're crushing each one:

And this is something I was obsessed with when I was in debt:

How long will it take you to pay off your debt?!!!!??!

Play around with your numbers based on what you can pay monthly to each one.

You can also see how you're doing on both fronts of saving and debt repayment during the year:


This is my favourite one, even when I was getting out of debt, I was so excited to hit a $0 net worth.

Look at all of your assets, and what you owe, and track your balances in your accounts from month to month.

Just enter your balances in the white column to the side, and it automatically calculates up Assets and What you Owe to how much you have as your net worth.

I like to do this Snapshot at the end of the month to see how I did during the month, but some people choose to do it at the start, or middle of the month - you do you, boo boo.

And you can check out how you're doing this year overall (like an awesome rollercoaster!):


Lots more sexy charts to show you how far you have come each month, and statistics to help you see how you've done this year in spending, saving, debt, and net worth.

See? You can see instantly how much you've spent versus what you've saved. In an instant, I can see January was terrible but March is promising!

What about looking at your income for the year? Your best month, your worst month.... your average income!

This is also a chart to let you see how much you spend in each area. For me, Home and Groceries are big ones, along with Transportation (JANUARY AGAIN!!!), and fees (JANUARY!!! *shakes fist*) and seeing how much you've spent in each month.

I also like seeing what I spend my money on as a yearly set of amounts because I know I can see them monthly, but one terrible month (JANUARY!) doesn't mean the rest of my year is horrible - where do I really set my priorities?

Obviously, it is in this order:


This is a FOREVER wealth building Excel sheet. You only need to get it ONCE and you can keep an original blank copy, and copy it for the following year, and add in the stats from last year to keep track.

I did this because I have been (insanely) tracking my numbers loosely since 2006 - 2009.

I have always enjoyed statistics of what I have done with my money over the years, and I can see my life's journey in them.

You even have lots of sexy AF charts if you want to fill in previous years' data to see how you've done over the years:

  • Net Worth
  • Total Income
  • Side Income
  • Total Spending
  • Total Spending Breakdown

I only recently got into tracking my side income properly as you can see the coloured bands in 2019 and later, becoming more varied:

And with spending? WOW. Look at 2011, I spent a LOT on travel (I went around the world for a year), and I can see instantly that I like to spend on Wardrobe (the dark blush pink sections), because that is my passion and my hobby.

You never need to buy a new Excel spreadsheet for the new year - it's a one-time purchase.


There are set calculations and scores out there. Why fuss with all the formulas when you can have it in a single sheet, based on YOUR numbers for the year?

  • What should my net worth be?
  • What's my personal finance (PF) score?
  • What should my emergency fund be? + Scenarios you can play around with
  • When can I retire? + Scenarios you can play around with

Know what's cool? You can even select the month you want to use the net worth for in the calculations with a little dropdown menu!

And learn some new calculations of how prepared you are to retire:

Lastly, you can even play around with scenarios (I've created a couple), along with handy tips on the side to help.

Lastly, my all-time favourite calculation: WHEN CAN I RETIRE? With this sheet, you'll know. And you can play out various scenarios I've created to see what is possible and what isn't.


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