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What can it do for my situation?

Aside from reader Testimonials, I can also tell you what it did for me, its first user!

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What I had in debt before I started ($60,000)

Depressing, yes?

I felt sick looking at the amount racked up from 4 years of living on my own and schooling, even while holding down 2 full-time jobs while going to college full-time.

How did I ever end up with $60,000 in the hole?

I was definitely NOT frugal by any means, not having known anything about money management before I got my first real job.

(Don’t ask, it’s a facetious question, because my tuition was $20K a year.)

Now look at what happened after I started using my budgeting sheet:

The journey out of $60,000 in debt


I had already started paying down my debt and was making some headway slowly but surely, but just look at the sharp drop after I started paying attention.

What happened was after I started budgeting and tracking my money, I realized how much money I was WASTING on useless things like shopping, and I just worked as hard as I could at keeping myself under control. Discipline is key.

The final drop when I finally cleared my debt, was the last $15,000 I owed out of $60,000, because I quit my job, took the risk and freelanced.

That last bit, won’t work for everyone, but keep in mind that I had already cleared $45,000 on my own while earning $65,000 gross a year.

I was already on my way to be debt free by the following summer, but I took an opportunity to quit my job, and started freelancing which made more money and helped me drop kick that last loan like a bad habit.

It has been proven time and time again that if you make a budget, track your expenses and stick to your financial plan, you will become debt-free and wealthy.

WHERE I AM TODAY (As of end of May 2015)


As you can see, I am a huge fan of what I created and I use it every single day. I never forget to track my money and it provides me with lots of satisfaction and pleasure in seeing my progress.

Note: The dip in 2010 after I reached $200,000 in net worth was because I took a year off to not work and travel the world.


You do not need to make a high income to be able to save or to get out of debt, you just need a change in lifestyle and in your mindset.

People who make 6-figure incomes and spend every penny of it, are no better off than those who make a fraction of that, because they don’t save anything.

In fact, people with high incomes who don’t save, tend to feel like they deserve to spend more than what they earn, and may end up with bigger debts than someone with a lower income.

Food for thought.


  • Budgeting
  • Expense Tracking
  • *NEW* No need to fiddle with Excel formulas, the expense tracking automatically syncs up with your budget
  • Year End Summary
  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Debt Repayment Charts & Tracking
  • Assets Management & Analysis
  • *NEW* Debt Repayment Analysis
  • *NEW*Retirement Calculator
  • *NEW*Growth of Assets Speculator
  • COMPLETE with visual Charts & Graphs


100% of Net Proceeds get donated to charities

All the money made off this goes to help others who are truly in need.

Others, who don’t have problems like worrying about how to save for their retirement because they’re concentrating on trying to stay alive because of a war in their country.

Or trying to remember the last time they ate, or had medical treatment.

These are people who have the real problems.


…..& a 100% charitable match by yours truly!

For every sheet you buy, and in the years when I make an income, I will match the amount in a charitable donation at the end of the year (net of fees like Paypal and hosting).

For the years where I don’t make any money, I will just donate the charitable amounts received.

(Luckily, this hasn’t happened at all, so I’ve done a 100% charitable match every year since selling the sheet.)


Well, I don’t need the money either, and this is a great way to help others while helping yourself.

(Lest you think I’m 100% altruistic, this is not the case because it benefits me as it helps to lower my taxable income, which is where I get that bit of compensation, if you will.)

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