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Great for Excel newbies or advanced users alike, just read the Testimonials!

  • ┬áNo need to fiddle with Excel formulas — it’s all done
  • The expenses are automatically rolled up into your budget without any extra effort
  • Just enter the figures you want to use into the boxes indicated
  • No mistakes: Categories are fixed based on what you enter
  • Lots of calculators: Retirement, Assets, Debts
  • Monthly and Yearly Pie Charts and Summaries


Income Entry Area (expanded)

I added a lot more lines so you can record things like found money (I seriously find pennies and dimes everywhere I go).
So if you are as detailed as that, there is space for it.

Fixed Category Entries for Expense Tracking

You won’t make a mistake with typing in the Categories any more. Just select it from the menu.

Daily Expense Tracker

You can track your expenses here. Not all the columns are pictured (trust me!), but this is kind of how it looks so you can filter through what you want to look at.

4 Debt Trackers

Getting out of debt? Get motivated to do so.

I have 4 Debt Trackers.

Assets Calculators

Compounding interest is not easy to remember, so I built it into a sheet so you could do quick calculations.

Retirement Calculator

You can figure out how much you will have and/or need for retirement (roughly) with this quick chart.

Monthly Pie Chart Visual Review

Every month you get a nice visual pie chart of where all your money is going.

Yearly Spending Summary

And at the end of the year, you will get a summary of all of your spending for each month, along with great visual graphs and pie charts!



If you’d like specific, one-on-one budgeting help because you’re still not sure how to do all of this, I can certainly help you for a flat fee of $100.

You do not need to have purchased the budgeting tool to receive this help.

With your income, I’ll personally help you figure out the setup, the structure, and what categories to put in there, and how much to allocate to each category to get you started.

Please contact me for more details.


  • Budgeting
  • Expense Tracking
  • *NEW* No need to fiddle with Excel formulas, the expense tracking automatically syncs up with your budget
  • Year End Summary
  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Debt Repayment Charts & Tracking
  • Assets Management & Analysis
  • *NEW* Debt Repayment Analysis
  • *NEW*Retirement Calculator
  • *NEW*Growth of Assets Speculator
  • COMPLETE with visual Charts & Graphs