I am a rambler, so here is my ‘About’ page in 10 points:

  1. Used to run a few blogs, had to scale back to just this one
  2. Got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 gross a year
  3. Increased my net worth by almost a quarter of a million in 3 years right after that
  4. Self-taught and self-made in the personal finance realm; no formal training
  5. Am all about being balanced in life: earn lots of money but spend it too
  6. Love eating mochi (Japanese!) and macarons (French!)
  7. Travel a lot, for pleasure and for work
  8. Am a lazy minimalist who loves watching TV
  9. Am a self-proclaimed moneythropologist (someone who likes to talk about money and its role)
  10. Other hobbies: Photography, Eating, Reading

This Blog

I’ve been featured on:

I go under the name Mochi & Macarons, or mochimac for short, to refer to my two dessert loves: mochi .. and macarons*!

This is where you can find the best mochi and macarons.

After my hectic life with 2-3 blogs sucking up all of my free time (yes, that was in addition to a real career), I need to scale back drastically.

I still like blogging, but I can’t do it as much as I did before (6-7 times a week!), especially since it isn’t my day job and I don’t make nearly enough money off it to justify doing it full-time.

However I do write on occasion for Investopedia, but this blog and all my ramblings are no way is sponsored, endorsed or influenced by them.

Therefore, I will only post when I feel like it so that I don’t put any self-inflicted pressure on myself.

What is this blog about?

Frankly, this blog is mostly about moneythropology — the role money plays in our lives, and how it affects the way we act and think.

Add a little dash of how I spend my money, my budget, my net worth goals and a bit of rambling and that’s pretty much the blog.

As an example of moneythropology topics, I like to explore subjects like: Why do we budget so carefully and then spend so recklessly on vacations?, and could having too much money make you suicidal?

What about me?

The main thing you should know about me and my writing before you continue, is I am honest and very opinionated.

That said, a lot of people tell me that although they may argue until they’re blue in the face and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT agree with me, they know that I acknowledge there are different views on life (which is realistic), and not everyone can agree on everything.

I am not a people-pleaser, but I’m happy to listen to (read?) other views contrary to mine, even if you will never convince me otherwise or make me be nicer.

Just be prepared for that.

I’m all about being balanced in life — I want to earn what I’m worth, enjoy my money by spending it, but avoid wasting it on the useless, meaningless junk I used to buy.

I increased my net worth by almost a quarter of a million in 3 years (including getting out of $60,000 of debt).

I am proud to be self-made and self-taught.

I’m earning like a princess but living like a ‘pauper’*

*I live moderately, and I try hard to avoid lifestyle inflation.

I am both frivolous and serious — I really do believe that life is made better by wearing cute, properly accessorized outfits, but I am also interested in researching where to best put my money for the long-term.

Random Tidbit: Types of David’s Teas I like

These are the best David’s Tea, teas that I enjoy. I really like sweet, creamy teas in either black, white or oolong (green tea is best when it’s plain, like a Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte).

  • Vanilla Oolong
  • Milk Oolong
  • Pineapple Oolong
  • Vanilla Orchid
  • Brazillionaire (it’s like drinking a cup of hot chocolate!)
  • Checkmate (another version of hot chocolate!)
  • Banana Nut Bread (best tisane EVER)
  • Cream of Earl Grey
  • Buttered Rum

What I like to do

I read, dabble in photography and travel.

I like to read about sociology and the psychology of humans, mostly why people like to buy things and what it means for us as a society. I may have missed my calling in another profession 😉

I use a Canon G12 for my traveling photos, but I have a smaller Canon S95 I also love for everyday photos. You will see a lot of my own photographs on the blog.

You can see where I’ve travelled at the bottom of this page.

What is my background with money?

I didn’t know jack or jill about my money until I graduated with $60,000 in debt with the last $2000 I had from my line of credit (for student loans), paid out to cover rent on a new apartment I was leasing.

Sure, I knew enough to pay off my credit card in full rather than carrying a balance, or that I had to pay the bills like rent or utilities, but I had no idea how to save, or how much debt I was really accumulating during my four years at college.

I was never taught by my parents, I never received an allowance and I drifted along being fairly ignorant about my money for the most part. I spent it, and didn’t save it.

Once I realized it would take me about 10-15 years to clear $60,000 in debt, and I started calculating how much interest I was paying daily on those loans, I slapped myself in the face (figuratively) and decided I would do what it took to get out of debt as soon as possible.

That was my goal for the next 18 months, and I cleared every penny of what I owed.

My original plan was to clear it in 3 years, but I finished off that debt in half the time.


I have since become far more financially stable and secure, and I am no longer scared of my money.

What are my views on money?

I think these 10 ideas sum up my views on money and life:

  1. No one should be more interested in your money than you
  2. You shouldn’t be dependent on anyone financially; be interdependent
  3. Only you can make your own choices (and mistakes) with your money
  4. Becoming wealthy is earning like a princess/prince but living like a pauper
  5. A net dollar saved is two (gross) dollars earned
  6. Compounding interest is magical* — save as soon as you can!
  7. Retirement is not a right — it’s a privilege you save your money for
  8. Your intellect is the best money maker and asset you’ll ever have
  9. Hard work matters: I’d rather be stupid and hardworking, than smart but lazy
  10. Money isn’t everything, but it sure is a necessary part of everything you do in life

*For all you nerds out there, I know that compounding interest isn’t really magic. I’m being glib and facetious, so STFU with your self-righteousness.

Why am I into minimalism?

Think of me as a lazy minimalist.

I don’t live with only a teacup and a mat, I love to shop, and I don’t hate television (in fact, I love it, check out my list of favourite TV shows at the end of this page).

I got into minimalism for practical reasons after literally living out of a (large) suitcase while traveling as a consultant.

I’ve always said that minimalism is all about feeling free, and not ever feeling like a slave, and I think living with less ….is more!

If you want to read more about how I can be so into shopping and money, but call myself a minimalist, read: What Minimalism means to me.

I was also featured on December 4th 2012 on The Star: Meet Generation M.

TV Shows I love (trash TV included!)

If you needed any more proof of how much I don’t hate TV, here it is:


  • Castle — Who doesn’t love a good crime show? Witty & fun
  • Suits — An excellent legal drama
  • Sherlock (BBC) — Wow. If you love Sherlock Holmes, it’s a must watch!
  • The Good Wife — Super smart legal drama
  • Columbo — An oldie but a goodie
  • Bones — I used to hate it, but it grew on me
  • Psych — A very funny, kitschy crime solving show
  • The Mentalist — See a trend here? Crime shows
  • Modern Family — Funny and sharp
  • Desperate Housewives — Interesting & I love the fashion
  • Rachel Zoe Project — <3 Fashion
  • Project Runway — See above.
  • Top Chef — Love FOOD too!
  • Iron Chef Japan — I don’t care for Iron Chef America
  • Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen — I think she’s the best food hostess on TV
  • Mad Men — What a slick show, very much like ‘Suits’
  • Numb3rs — Math is very cool, especially combined with crime-solving
  • The Millionaire Matchmaker — Great view onto human psychology
  • Parks & Recreation — SO. FUNNY.
  • Princess — Some of them are utter trainwrecks with money
  • ‘Til Debt Do Us Part — Money, money, money, money…
  • Rich Bride, Poor Bride — I love seeing what they spend on


  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent — The only sub-series of L&O I watch
  • Veronica Mars — Very Nancy Drew
  • Pushing Daisies — Such a fun, bright, cute show!
  • Monk — I was so sad when the series ended, very Sherlock Holmes
  • Sex and the City — A given
  • Cashmere Mafia — I really liked this show!!! Too bad it didn’t last
  • Lipstick Jungle — I also liked this show too *sigh*



Everything I recommend or talk about buying on this page, has been purchased with MY own hard earned money.

Where I do get some money it would be through Google Adsense which I disclose each month, via Amazon referral links to products I’ve already purchased with my own money, or sponsored posts or links.

Otherwise, I don’t get free stuff from anyone or any company to write any of my content, and I won’t promote something that I don’t actually want to buy with my own hard earned cash.

If I do get free stuff or am approached by a brand I like to promote their items, I’ll be sure to let you know when I promote something that has been given to me for free or if I’ve been sponsored.

Being a fan of privacy and very sensitive to how pervasive the internet and marketing can be in our lives, I DO NOT want anyone to think that they should buy anything I talk about on my blog.

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions and ask lots of questions.

I will also not sell, distribute or make any commercial profit off selling your personal information (email addresses or names for instance).

Thanks for coming by. If you have any questions, don’t be shy — please contact me, or check out my Google+ Profile

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