I got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months with The Budgeting Tool which I now sell online and donate its net proceeds to charity and I currently have a net worth of over $500,000 less than 10 years later.

I have built up my considerable net worth of over half a million and I was able to pay for my $600,000 apartment in cash to be completely debt and mortgage free in my early 30s. 

I earn like a princess but try to save like a pauper because I only work when I want to.

I make on average $20,000 a month when I work (which has been less than half of my working years), and the rest of the time I chill out and travel, although traveling has been on hold lately with the recent arrival of Baby Bun, my rambunctious, ever-hungry toddler.




On my blog Save. Spend. Splurge., I discuss how I build wealth and I would rather give you tips on figuring out your own personal path to riches than to try and force you to follow what I did.

I have started a series of books called “Like a Boss” covering a range of topics, and my first one is Start a Blog like a Boss – How to Make Money, outlining how I now make an additional $1000 USD a month just off my blog, having started it in less than 3 years.





  1. No one should be more interested in your money than you
  2. You shouldn’t be dependent on anyone financially; be interdependent
  3. Only you can make your own choices (and mistakes) with your money
  4. Becoming wealthy is earning like a princess/prince but living like a pauper
  5. A net dollar saved is two (gross) dollars earned
  6. Compounding interest & time are your money’s two BFFs.
  7. Retirement is not a right — it’s a privilege you save your money for
  8. Your intellect is the best money maker and asset you’ll ever have
  9. Hard work matters: I’d rather be stupid and hardworking, than smart but lazy
  10. Money isn’t everything, but it sure is a necessary part of everything you do in life


  1. Favourite day? Payday of course.
  2. I hate wearing shorts of any kind.
  3. Currently obsessed with (true) matcha green tea lattes with sprouted chia seeds.
  4. I sleep on a Japanese futon on the floor.
  5. I have a fear of being late for anything, and therefore am always 10 minutes early.

Not all wealth comes in the form of money and although money helps, it isn’t everything or the only thing you need to feel wealthy.

Thanks for coming by!

If you have any questions, don’t be shy — please contact me.

Psst! I also offer one-on-one consultations if you’re interested.

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